Welcome to the Tillsonburg Military History Club website.  Our members share an interest in world and military history and are cognizant of the sacrifices made on our behalf by generations of military leaders and soldiers to preserve our freedoms and lifestyle.  



 On June 1, 1866 US Colonel John O'Neill led a force of 600 Fenian raiders into Southern Ontario.  This 1869 illustration depicts the ensuing battle.




March 28, 2017 Regular meeting

 A video presentation entitled "Other Losses" will be shown.  It deals with the treatment of German POW's after the war.


Next time you drive Hwy #3 to Buffalo or Fort Erie, watch for this commemorative cairn that has been erected on the battlesite 





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2. Radio Interview:  The CBC interviewed Ted Barris about the Frank's project dealing with the downing of Halifax Bomber HR864LQ-M by a German nightfighter over Ten Boer, Belgium during WW2.  Go to the link if you wish to hear the broadcast.


 Even today, it is an annual tradition for the town's people of Ten Boer to light a candle on the gravesite of the Canadian airmen buried there.  These pictures were taken Dec 24, 2016 and forwarded to us.







3. Subject: Noteworthy web site - Air Museums

This is a good collection of aviation museums including several Canadian museums.
Here is a super site with great photos of Air Museums from all over. It's amazing to see so many museums with so much stuff still preserved.


4. The 'OXFORD REMEMBERS" project has concluded their activities for 2016 but much more is planned for 2017.  We will keep you informed.