Minutes of July 26 2016





July 26, 2016  Minutes of TMHC

Justin opened the meeting:


Treasurer report - Web site fund - $250.00

                        - Regular bank account - $881.62

              As of tonite - we have only 17 dues paying members who have parted with their $30 for the coming year.



 The secretary confirmed that the Xmas dinner scheduled for December 8 will be at the Mill Tales Inn this year.

It will be necessary to raise the cost of the meal, gratuity and taxes to $26 per ticket so start saving.


Randy advised us that the August 30 meeting will be a presentation by Ben and Frank on their Bomber HR864 LQ-M project which culminated in the presentation of a memorial painting to the town of Ten Boer, Belgium wherein 6 members of the bomber crew are buried.

We will again attempt to have Professor Broad as a guest speaker in September.  

- Professor Graham Broad, King's College, UWO speaking on the Battle of the Somme which took place in 1916.   It would be nice if everyone could make a special effort to come out to this meeting and welcome the speaker.  Feel free to bring a guest or just invite people you think might be interested.  There is no charge.



1. Armadillo - a documentary about Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan.  It has been on PBS but unfortunately all I can find on YouTube are the trailers.  If anyone finds a source, please let me know because it is highly recommended in the reviews.


2. Messenger - a DVD starring Woody Harrelson dealing with an American soldier's ethical dilemma when he becomes involved with a widow of a fallen officer


3. Restrepo - another Afghanistan documentary we have recommended before but it can be found on YouTube as a full length movie if you desire to watch it



4.  Currently on Pay for View is the Tina Fay movie "Whiskey  Tango Foxtrot"  It is quite good.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


5. Hero by Brian Nolan - Buzz Beurling was perhaps the best combat pilot in Canadian military history. He was a complex person, and while this book comes nowhere near telling the full story, it nevertheless is a facinating and lucid account of his short and intense life.



6. First Day on the Somme by Martin Middlebrook

somme book



- Based on hundreds of interviews with survivors, Martin Middlebrook's seminal work stands as a valuable oral history of one of the worst days of the First World War

- An outstanding book, all the more so for being under-stated and lacking grandstanding.

- Simply mind blowing at the level hubris and gall on the part of the British General staff, to murder so many of your own men solely to relieve the French

- I read this just before taking a battlefield tour of the Somme. The book was excellent preparation to walking the battlefield. Highly recommended, book and tour.


7. Ted read out some excerpts from an article about Sir Sam Hughes and Ben suggested a visit to his museum next time you are in Lindsay.

 Sir Sam Hughes


Olde Goal Museum


Goal Article


8. Les recommended the magazine Britain at War which he purchases from Chapters.  This month's article features the Hood and Bismarck comparison.


Randy brought along his copy of "Last Voices of WW1" so we could view interviews from veterans who actually were in the Battle of the Somme.


Following the video we reviewed the questions that are on this month's Trivia.  If you haven't tried it yet it will be there until August 1

Somme Trivia


We concluded with Chris giving us a tour of Newfoundland, via Google Earth,  in response to Ben's upcoming visit to Halifax to take part in their reenactment.

Signal Hill Tattoo



Woody won the 50/50 



Robin chaired the meeting.

1.       Xmas dinner for the TMHC will be December 11 at Chrissy’s Catering on Brock Street.  I will print up some tickets for the next meeting.

2.       2. The Speaker for the November 11 meeting at the Legion will be Rev. Paul Robinson.  Contact me if you wish to purchase a ticket or two at a cost of $15 each.  Our club usually sits together at a table or two in the North West corner if you have a problem finding us.

3.       Robin will be having a store front display on Main Street, Delhi for their local Legion from Nov. 4 to the 10th if you will be in the neighbourhood. 

4.       We require display items for the TMHC at the Mall from Nov 4 to the 10th.  Suggested items could be models, posters, photos, albums, picture books, small inexpensive artefacts.  You would be leaving them at your own risk so consider how precious the item is to you.  We are trying to have a club member at the display but there are occasions when no one will be on duty.  I have a schedule if you find yourself with some free time.

5.       We will also have a small display at the Mormon Church on Saturday Nov 8 to compliment their Family History exhibit and seminars.

6.       We will also have a display at the Station Arts Centre from Nov 4 to the 10th which will mainly deal with local enlistees of WW1 and WW2 as well as acknowledgment of Afghanistan casualties.

7.       Several members spoke to the recent deaths of Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent in apparent terror attacks in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.