Minutes of August 30 2016





August 30, 2016  Minutes of TMHC

Justin opened the meeting:


We were fortunate to have Professor Graham Broad address the club tonight.  The overview of the Somme battle and in particular the evolution of flying machines was very interesting. Much of the talk centred around an ex-UWO student that joined the Royal Flying Corps and subsequently lost his life while in France.

Prof. Broad has written a new detailed biography of the pilot "Eddie" McKay (1892-1917).

One in a Thousand: The Life and
Death of Captain Eddie McKay,
Royal Flying Corps
Graham Broad (Western University)



This short microhistory details the life and death of Alfred Edwin "Eddie" McKay, a varsity athlete
at Western University, who flew with the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War. Throughout the
book, Broad switches creatively from the story of Eddie McKay to valuable lessons on how to "do"
history, why the past matters, how to pose historical questions, and how to identify and challenge
relevant source materials. The book concludes with four unsolved mysteries about McKay's life,
demonstrating to students that even a detailed history is never really complete






Professor Broad is the author of other books such as

A Small Price to Pay
Consumer Culture on the Canadian Home Front, 1939-45


Mr. Broad and Mr. Jonathan Vance are co-directors of a project called Wartime Canada.    Check it out.  It is fascinating what you will find.


Other books Prof. Broad recommends 

open cockpitthree armies



Treasurer report - Web site fund - $250.00

                        - Regular bank account - $681.62

                         Total Balance $931.62

Expenses:  Honourarium for Prof Broad of $75

Balance to date $856.62


As of tonite - we have only 18 dues paying members who have parted with their $30 for the coming year.



Randy advised us that the September 27 meeting will be a presentation by Ben and Frank on their Bomber HR864 LQ-M project which culminated in the presentation of a memorial painting to the town of Ten Boer, Belgium wherein 6 members of the bomber crew are buried.


 In October, we may be having a Sunday field trip.  More details to follow.



Chris provided a short internet reference to 10 Badass Canadian War Heros and in particular airman James Cleland Richardson who became one of the missing at the Battle of the Somme

He also suggested you may be interested in the website that tracks the List of Ongoing Conflicts in the world.


Ken won the 50/50 



Robin chaired the meeting.

1.       Xmas dinner for the TMHC will be December 11 at Chrissy‚Äôs Catering on Brock Street.  I will print up some tickets for the next meeting.

2.       2. The Speaker for the November 11 meeting at the Legion will be Rev. Paul Robinson.  Contact me if you wish to purchase a ticket or two at a cost of $15 each.  Our club usually sits together at a table or two in the North West corner if you have a problem finding us.

3.       Robin will be having a store front display on Main Street, Delhi for their local Legion from Nov. 4 to the 10th if you will be in the neighbourhood. 

4.       We require display items for the TMHC at the Mall from Nov 4 to the 10th.  Suggested items could be models, posters, photos, albums, picture books, small inexpensive artefacts.  You would be leaving them at your own risk so consider how precious the item is to you.  We are trying to have a club member at the display but there are occasions when no one will be on duty.  I have a schedule if you find yourself with some free time.

5.       We will also have a small display at the Mormon Church on Saturday Nov 8 to compliment their Family History exhibit and seminars.

6.       We will also have a display at the Station Arts Centre from Nov 4 to the 10th which will mainly deal with local enlistees of WW1 and WW2 as well as acknowledgment of Afghanistan casualties.

7.       Several members spoke to the recent deaths of Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent in apparent terror attacks in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.