Minutes of Nov 2 2016





November 1, 2016  Minutes of TMHC


Justin opened the meeting with a few reminders:


1.  1916 Commemorative pamphlets have arrived and are ready for distribution.  If you can help hand them out at the cenotaph please meet up with Justin between 9:15 and 10:30 at the Tim Horton or near the actual cenotaph in front of the mall.  He would greatly appreciate the help.


2.   Tickets for the Nov 11 Legion dinner were sold out at the meeting but if you change your mind and would like to join us, stop at the Legion office between 9:00 and 12:00 during the week.  So far we have 21 people going expressly to see and listen to Frank's presentation. (Remember he is our "Special Event Coordinator")

Frank and Ben's project over the past three or four years has been to investigate the circumstances of the downing of Halifax bomber HR864LQM on the night of July 25 1943 over the Belgium town of Ten Boer and commemorate the sacrifice of the crew.

If you wish to learn more, you may go to Jerry Van Dyke web page at LQ - M for Mother

there is also a link on the HOME page that will direct you to a radio interview of the project or hear a polished, first hand account from Frank and Ben at the Legion Banquet November 11. 

Major Terry Wong, will also be in attendance that evening.


ten boer  009  


ten boer  004


3. Xmas dinner tickets were also on sale last night for the Dec 8 annual club gathering to be held this year at Mill Tale Inn on John Pound Road.  I will have more tickets for sale at $26 at the Nov 29 meeting or email me and I can set one/two aside for you and collect the money later.

4.  The TMHC Week of Remembrance display at the Station Arts centre will be set up Monday Nov. 7.  Drop in during the week.


Les reported that we HAD a balance of $499.15 in the bank at the beginning of the meeting.

Funds dispersed in October

S Robertson Tank Demonstraion  - $50

Legion Br. 153 Nov 11 Wreath     - $70

Remembrance Pamphlets            - $264.97


Randy and Martin then shared photos, videos, and commentary about the October field trip to the "Easy Eight" Sherman tank.


Chris gave an explanation of a 31 CGB Veteran Wellbeing Network to which he is deeply involved.


Their Facebook homepage is at this link  and will give you an insight to the services this group provides to our current military and veteran personnel.


Books  Movie Recommendations:

1. First Tank Battle by Robert Woolcombe deals with the Cambrai offensive of 1917



2.Tiger in the Mud by Otto Carius -  The combat career of German Panzer Commander Otto Carius (Stackpole Military History Series)



3. Tanks by Eric Morris

tanks by morris


4.  Rommel - Battles and Campaigns by Kenneth Macksey

rommel battles


Some of the above are out of print but Woody's library service can loan you a copy.



1.   Into the White - DVD - Norway, WWII: A group of British and German soldiers find themselves stranded in the wilderness after an aircraft battle. Finding shelter in the same cabin, they realize the only way to survive the winter is to place the rules of war aside

into the white


2. Siege of Jadotville - currently on Netflix.       Besieged by overwhelming enemy forces, Irish soldiers on a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Africa valiantly defend their outpost in this true story.



 3.  Another true story that so far I have only found on Popcorn time deals with Australian soldiers in WW2



Diane read a very moving Remembrance Day poem


Announcements:  Ted Barris will speak this Sunday at Shedden Kingston Club


Martin then gave an explanation of his latest technological find - Virtual Reality Googles.   A demonstartion will follow as soon as he perfects his viewing technique.



They are more than just game googles though and they seem to vary greatly in price.


Best Buy Ad






Steve then displayed and explained a couple of WW2 artifacts he had brought to the meeting.


Randy won the 50/50 draw.





Robin chaired the meeting.

1.       Xmas dinner for the TMHC will be December 11 at Chrissy‚Äôs Catering on Brock Street.  I will print up some tickets for the next meeting.

2.       2. The Speaker for the November 11 meeting at the Legion will be Rev. Paul Robinson.  Contact me if you wish to purchase a ticket or two at a cost of $15 each.  Our club usually sits together at a table or two in the North West corner if you have a problem finding us.

3.       Robin will be having a store front display on Main Street, Delhi for their local Legion from Nov. 4 to the 10th if you will be in the neighbourhood. 

4.       We require display items for the TMHC at the Mall from Nov 4 to the 10th.  Suggested items could be models, posters, photos, albums, picture books, small inexpensive artefacts.  You would be leaving them at your own risk so consider how precious the item is to you.  We are trying to have a club member at the display but there are occasions when no one will be on duty.  I have a schedule if you find yourself with some free time.

5.       We will also have a small display at the Mormon Church on Saturday Nov 8 to compliment their Family History exhibit and seminars.

6.       We will also have a display at the Station Arts Centre from Nov 4 to the 10th which will mainly deal with local enlistees of WW1 and WW2 as well as acknowledgment of Afghanistan casualties.

7.       Several members spoke to the recent deaths of Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent in apparent terror attacks in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.