Minutes of September 26, 2017




September 26, 2017 Minutes of the TMHC

Randy:  The speaker for October will be Mr. Mike McDonell who will enlighten us as to the role of Canadians in the American Civil war including some local boys that went.


NOTE:   The October meeting will be held one week before Halloween on October 24.

The November speaker will address the topic of the UN Peacekeepers.


Martin volunteered to fine tune and finalize the menu and prices for the Xmas dinner to be held on Thursday December14.   Many thanks, Martin.


The November 11 pamphlet which will be handed out at the cenotaph and the Legion dinner has now been prepared.  Justin will investigate the possibility of having 3 or 4 local students distribute them at the cenotaph ceremony.


Ken, then, gave a power point presentation about swagger sticks - their purpose, history and styles.  Ken brought in the swagger stick once used by his cousin who served in Africa during WW2,


Coincidentally - Annandale Heritage Museum is hosting a display of Oxford county's contribution to WW1.  On display are stories, pictures, medals, uniform pieces and a couple of swagger sticks from the war.


Chris showed an eye opening documentary on the destruction and reconstruction of Germany after WW2.


Germany after the War - British documentary


There are several others on You tube dealing with the same topic if you wish to investigate further

                     - Germany after WW2


We concluded the evening with discussions and opinions on a number of subject


Liam won the 50/50 draw. and the door prize donated by Rob.

---------------_____________________________________Robin chaired the meeting.

1.       Xmas dinner for the TMHC will be December 11 at Chrissy‚Äôs Catering on Brock Street.  I will print up some tickets for the next meeting.

2.       2. The Speaker for the November 11 meeting at the Legion will be Rev. Paul Robinson.  Contact me if you wish to purchase a ticket or two at a cost of $15 each.  Our club usually sits together at a table or two in the North West corner if you have a problem finding us.

3.       Robin will be having a store front display on Main Street, Delhi for their local Legion from Nov. 4 to the 10th if you will be in the neighbourhood. 

4.       We require display items for the TMHC at the Mall from Nov 4 to the 10th.  Suggested items could be models, posters, photos, albums, picture books, small inexpensive artefacts.  You would be leaving them at your own risk so consider how precious the item is to you.  We are trying to have a club member at the display but there are occasions when no one will be on duty.  I have a schedule if you find yourself with some free time.

5.       We will also have a small display at the Mormon Church on Saturday Nov 8 to compliment their Family History exhibit and seminars.

6.       We will also have a display at the Station Arts Centre from Nov 4 to the 10th which will mainly deal with local enlistees of WW1 and WW2 as well as acknowledgment of Afghanistan casualties.

7.       Several members spoke to the recent deaths of Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent in apparent terror attacks in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.