About the Club


The Tillsonburg Military History Club has been in existence since mid 2007 - an initiative undertaken by the late Robin Barker-James, a well known local military historian.  The club started with a handful of members meeting every month at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 153. Our membership has grown to over 30 very active members who come from all walks of life and have a common interest in Military History.


All members have their own unique interests and are able to contribute in various ways to expanding our knowledge of global military history whether it be the Boer War, War of 1812 or more modern conflicts such as World War I,  World War II and Afghanistan. A number of members are also collectors of military artifacts, specializing in their own personal interests while others are knowledgeable historians in their own right.


The only qualification for membership is that one has an interest in military history.  It is not necessary to have in-depth knowledge as our meetings are learning experiences.


Often we have speakers at our meetings talking on various topics. Some of our discussion programmes to date have included the War in Afghanistan, the Vietnam War, Touring the Zulu War, 1940 Blitzkrieg, Gettysburg, the Resistance movement in Belgium, The Dieppe Raid, the 431 Lancaster Squadron, Nurses in World War I, War Reporting and so on.


Our well-travelled club members can always be encouraged to share the highlights of their tours whether they go to Europe, Pearl Harbour, Africa or the mainland United States.